Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unfinished Basement Pitfalls

We moved into our new(er) home in October 2012.  We love it but it has needed some love (not much just your usual move in projects) and so we are still settling in.  It doesn't help that the basement is unfinished and so being the DIY groupie I am the basement has been headquarters for projects.  Really it's been awesome.  Except it's littered with projects.  Namely our Farmhouse King Size Bedframe (, a bathroom step stool for the girls bathroom (also, a $5 thrift table I've been promising myself to refinish/paint and an old entertainment center I want to turn into a kitchenette.  Okay...see a pattern here?  Lots of projects in the works and I'm sitting here telling you about them instead of working on them.  Oh and how about I add on another project (or two).