Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Scrub A Dub Dub

I never thought much of cleaning out all the water toys we use for bath time around here.  Scrubbing the outside yes but not so much the inside.  Then I started noticing a duck getting "shadows" and Pluto the same.  So I got some hot water and sucked it inside, shook them vigorously and squeezed it out.  Nasty!  Brownish gray sludge-like mold or growth of some kind came out.  I cleaned them all out the same way.  Disgusting.  I let my kids bath with this? Ewwww.   I thought it was just my severe neglect the first time that caused it to be so gross but a month or two passed and I just cleaned them out again the other day.  Not as horrific but if you need motivation to clean and seal yours (the holes on these will be hit with a hot glue gun tonight) look no further than these pictures.
Left: the number of toys cleaned (not massive)               Right:  the nasty mold and/or residue that came out

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