Thursday, July 18, 2013

Planning Equals Motivation

One can hope right?

In an effort to get more done in a day...I'm in my pajama bottoms at 3 pm so you could say I have been feeling unmotivated recently.  I am potty training my 2 1/2 year old twin girls though so there is that excuse. But the committee (made up of well --- me) has spoken and there is need for some organization and accomplishment around here.  This is also definitely being motivated by a recent change of my husband's work schedule and less time together as a family and wanting to do more around the house.

I bring you my road map.  My blue print.  My calendar.  My plan.  Let's see how it flies.
I made sure to leave room to write things in day-to-day.  Also the following are ideas to fill my daily activities with our girls:
- Make Something Monday:  food, craft, blanket fort...something will be made
- Take A Trip: go to the park, walk or hike, museum, play dates...get out of the house
- Wet & Wild: pool day outside, splash pad or something wet or messy
- Whimsy / Imagine: imagination games and pretend play
- Think / Experiment: science experiments, learn something new...grow that brain
- Library: Story time or check out a new book or movie
- Fresh & Fun: try out something new and fun (ideas on Pinterest or internet)
- Family Night: spend time as a family or with family/friends
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