Thursday, July 18, 2013

Planning Equals Motivation

One can hope right?

In an effort to get more done in a day...I'm in my pajama bottoms at 3 pm so you could say I have been feeling unmotivated recently.  I am potty training my 2 1/2 year old twin girls though so there is that excuse. But the committee (made up of well --- me) has spoken and there is need for some organization and accomplishment around here.  This is also definitely being motivated by a recent change of my husband's work schedule and less time together as a family and wanting to do more around the house.

I bring you my road map.  My blue print.  My calendar.  My plan.  Let's see how it flies.
I made sure to leave room to write things in day-to-day.  Also the following are ideas to fill my daily activities with our girls:
- Make Something Monday:  food, craft, blanket fort...something will be made
- Take A Trip: go to the park, walk or hike, museum, play dates...get out of the house
- Wet & Wild: pool day outside, splash pad or something wet or messy
- Whimsy / Imagine: imagination games and pretend play
- Think / Experiment: science experiments, learn something new...grow that brain
- Library: Story time or check out a new book or movie
- Fresh & Fun: try out something new and fun (ideas on Pinterest or internet)
- Family Night: spend time as a family or with family/friends
The Original

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Ham Fried Rice

My mom has been making the best ham fried rice since I can remember.  It's super yummy.  Probably not really good for you but the taste says "eat me anyway".  I do of course.  Plus it's a recipe that leaves leftovers for work lunches or leftover night (we've been doing more of this to save on our budget).

Ham Fried Rice

1 stick of butter
6 eggs - scrambled in a bowl
3/4 C of frozen peas and carrots
8 oz cubed ham
4 cups cooked rice
Soy sauce
salt and pepper
1/2 can bean sprouts (optional - my girls won't eat them so we forego usually)

In a large skillet heat up stick of butter until it's melted and sizzles a little.  Pour in your beaten eggs and scramble them.  Next add ham and allow it time to heat up (pre-cubed is already cooked).  Then add frozen peas and carrots (I use about 1/2 the package) and give this time to thaw and heat.  Once everything in the skillet is cooked combine it with your cooked rice in a large bowl (this helps to avoid spilling).  Serve while still hot or warm.  It does reheat really well for leftovers as well.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ROAD TRIP: 2 Year Old Twins

This wasn't a short trip.  We are talking about a cross country trip with our 2 year old twins (32 hours... driving time only).  The mother load.  You can say it...we're insane!

I read and brainstormed for weeks on what to entertain them with.  What essential gear I needed and how to cut corners (because who can afford $20+ each just for a lap tray that they may hate).  So like many crazy moms who find their tips and tricks in the world of road trips...I'm sharing my wealth of knowledge.  Come let me impart my wisdom.

I took some advice from one blog I read.  That was to clean my car out from fender to bumper ahead of time (vacuum every nook and cranny, scrub down and remove junk).  As parents, especially of little ones, we all know the damage and mess that is in our car from day to day.  I felt so much better starting out with a clean car, even knowing I would arrive back home with a mess after the trip.

Never seen or haven't seen in a few weeks.  This was my plan of attack.  New $1 store toys...standard protocol here.  Hiding their favorites for a few weeks before hand.  Bringing out a new arsenal when tantrums are imminent.

I bagged up a snack and a new toy in lunch bags and labeled them with the day and hour...I didn't want to blow my load in one day.  I didn't stick to the day/hour in the end but it did help to spread it out.  This was perfect.  The girls loved the "prizes" and it was a helpful distraction when bums were getting sore and destinations were a little more of a stretch.  I've read that some parents are against the "bribing" but I say it's for my sanity and my kids happiness.  When this got a little old and the crank still set in I also brought them into gas station stops to pick out a treat.  And no they don't expect this type of thing now that we are home and back into our day to day.

What road trip blog post would be complete without a list of the arsenal to bring?