Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Boutique...

...followed quickly by second!  Oh my!  I have been making hooded towels for friends and sold a few on my Etsy shop but then I listed them on a Facebook page for boutique type and small business stuff in my area and was invited to participate in a boutique in my area.  It was commission free and free to enter...of course I was in.  I asked to invite a close friend who has done boutiques before...namely because we have discussed doing a boutique together.  During the decision process my friend suggested doing a professional style boutique which runs a few days after this one (cost to enter and commission based)...I was game for that too.  Why not?  Always room to learn and try things.

So we are both signed up and have been working towards both of these events.  We constructed a backdrop for the professional one, which we'll share and split cost.  We've discussed plans on set up.  Mostly I don't feel prepared on that end.  This friend has done boutiques before and has some of her own things she plans on using to set up the professional table.  I feel like I don't know how to contribute there, even though I offer.  We talked about sharing a table at the Facebook boutique and also about doing our own.  Today it was decided to do two.  So less than two weeks to go and I need to prepare a set up for myself.  It's not professional level so I'm not going to fret too much if it's homemade looking.  At any rate I'm realizing maybe I've bit off more than I want to chew at this point but the little extra money would be nice as well (I've got a few pre-orders already).  Will have to touch base again once I've survived or failed at this new venture.

*below is a trial run of my boutique tags...what do you think?

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