Friday, August 3, 2012

Blogging Sabbatical

I really enjoy blogging and sharing things I'm working on or finding online to try out.  But let's face it...I'm still living in my in-laws basement (short sale hell is setting in) and I've run out of projects to share.  Those I brought with me to finish up are done.  I don't want to start new ones because I'm convinced (silly me) that we're going to hear word any day now and be moving to our own place again with windows and sunlight (ie better lighting for pictures) and space (oh glorious space with rooms and closets to fill with our stuff).

So until we move I think I will put a freeze on my blogging.  I have this plan in the back of my mind to stock up on the text of projects or meals that have been done and then take pictures when I'm not living in this hole.  Yep it's a bitter day towards the short sale house I love.  I am beyond grateful to my in-laws but I think we have bonded enough now and are both ready to reclaim our space.