Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hanging Memories...

I know this isn't original but thought I would share how I used this method and how it worked for me.  We moved recently and let me tell you it has been a project in itself just hanging pictures, mirrors, clocks, etc on the walls.  I hung most of them but was dreading doing this last group.  It went in my twin girls room and in our old house it was a bugger to do plus left a number of beautiful holes in the wall from miss guessing and measuring.  Yuck!

So I opted for the paper hanging method.  I didn't have butcher paper though and didn't want to buy some just for this.  I used grocery ads which worked fine.  I did have a little wiping down of the walls to remove newsprint but for the cost (free!) I would definitely do it this way again.

Step 1.  Lay out your paper and trace each frame you plan to hang.  I also labeled each piece of paper for the corresponding picture.  Repeat for each picture you want to hang.

Step 2.  Cut out each frame outline.  Place it on the back of your frame and mark where your hangers are.  This was a simple one hook frame so there is only one little "X" up top in the $2.49 price.  Repeat this for each picture you plan to hang. 

Step 3.  Place your picture pattern on the wall using the paper outlines.  This was a simple layout but using the paper made it soooooo much easier to get precise placement of where to put nails.  

Step 4.  Hammer in nails without removing the paper from the wall.  I don't think you can see my nail in this.  Once nails are in place then hang your pictures up over the paper to make sure you like the placement.  This saves time of putting all the outlines up again if something isn't quite right.  If it's all fine and dandy take down the pictures, rip off the paper, wipe down the wall and re-hang the pictures.

I need to update the pictures in these but I'm so in love with these black and whites that I took of them as babies

The End ... Love it

*I will be sharing photos of the final decor in their room (as I've remodeled since their nursery) stay tuned if you are interested) *