Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Whip It Up Wednesday: Minestrone Fix-Up

I am being lazy.  I even made something new for my Whip It Up Wednesday.  It was even a hit with everyone (my father-in-law had three servings!).  But it can wait.  Today was rainy and cool.  What a relief after all the heat.  So I made minestrone soup.  The lazy way too...go figure.  I like Bear Creek soups for quick meals on cold (or cool) days.  But the sodium in them kills me (literally and figuratively I'm sure).  My solution:

Double the water!  You can't tell the difference...I think it tastes better.  I cook mine with sausage usually (yeah I know...adding sodium right back in).  But I double or nearly double the water from 8 cups to 14 cups or more.  I also like to add extra noodles and a can of diced tomatoes or corn or beans or whatever extra good thing I have in the freezer or on the shelf.  Bonus:  it stretches even further in addition to hopefully lowering the sodium per serving.  Just passing on.  I'm sure there are healthier soups out there but like I said...this is my lazy day meal. 


Jullee said...

I like that soup and always add a bit of extra water and extra noodles to it. I'll have to try doubling the water because I also hate the excessive sodium! Thanks for the tip. :)

Michelle D said...

I think it tastes just as good or better. Plus I love adding my own veggie or bean...yummy non-dehydrated bits.