Friday, May 25, 2012

Free Craft Friday -- Bookmarks

Hello? Miss me?  I have been off in my real life for quite some time.  Also the giveaway never really did anything so I gave up some interest in this blog.  But mostly things were pretty busy and have only started feeling a little more in control.  We had our house on the market, we updated the kitchen, which then had two offers directly after the remodel (apparently an update sells houses quick), so then we packed up and moved out in somewhat of hurry and now we have settled into my in-laws basement temporarily (ie living the dream).  But we are hoping to turn around and find the perfect home and location soon.
So anyway as luck would have it as we were packing up I found an old craft that I did a number of years ago.  I decided to bring this project with me to our new digs to give myself something to do.  Basically this craft is using embroidery thread to make bookmarks.

embroidery thread (I usually use between 4-6 strands of coordinating colors)
beads (small, medium, large and decorative)
clamp/clothes pin (optional)

Step 1:  Decide on a color scheme and general look you want for the bookmark.  I like to add heavier beads to dangle off the ends.  Use small beads or no beads for the part of the bookmark that will go inside the book.

Step 2:  If you use a long piece you can start a knot at the length of "dangle you want on the first end.  Then just let creativity flow...add beads, charms, decorative knotting and braiding, etc to make your bookmark end.

Step 3:  Once you have one end of your bookmark done, work through the middle.  I usually only braid or use very small bead with this part.  It will only be seen by the reader, it allows the book to close easily and also you don't want to damage the book pages with large beads.  When you finish the length you need for the book tie a knot leaving yourself room to add another "tail" to the book mark.

Step 4:  Similar to Step 1 work beads and charms onto the tail end of the bookmark.  I like to knot between each section or theme of beading to keep things more separate and pleasing to my eye.  Make sure to knot the ends of each tail securely.  I also recommend using super glue to keep it from coming loose.

Step 5:  Place in a book for decoration, use this with your reading or give as a gift.  Who knows maybe this craft will become obsolete if Kindles and tablets keep taking over the world of book.

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