Friday, February 3, 2012

The Difference is Paint...

Not much of a post but I'm quite happy with the result so I'm sharing.  We recently took on the weekend project of painting our master closet.  When we bought the home it was a dark brown...I think the previous owners were going for a "wood look" sans the nice look.  Anyway after 3 years (plus) of living here and the recent listing of our home to live somewhere else (we aren't loving our house plan or lot now with kids in the picture) came time to make a change.  A change I wish we would have made 3 years ago.
My side / shared side of the closet pre-painting (please ignore the mess)
Husband's side of the closet pre-paint
Post-paint job miracle...yeah! I love our closet now
Husband's side post-paint job (still needs organizing again)

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