Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Giveaway Coming Soon...

I have a giveaway coming up in the next month or so (I want to make posts about the items the winner can choose from).  I'm really kind of excited about this and looking forward to hopefully someone (besides me) actually enjoying something I made.  So rules of the game ahead of time are:

1.  You will be entered for following this blog
2.  You will be entered for following my Facebook page (just barely setting this up)
3.  You will be entered for referrals of new followers of this blog (make sure they comment or email me giving you credit)
4.  You will be entered for referring any followers or "like"ers of the Facebook page
5.  You will be entered for commenting on the giveaway post (not this one...the real one...when it happens)

*one additional entry for each follower you refer...these will start adding up now so don't worry about delaying.

I would love to have between 15-20 followers on this blog before doing the giveaway just so that it's not an automatic win for someone.  So start spreading the news and stay tuned for more info.  Thanks everyone!!

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