Friday, January 13, 2012

Free Craft Friday -- Seat Belt Covers

We recently transitioned the girls into convertible car seats (still rear facing...they don't even weigh 20 lbs if we wanted to turn them around haha).  I thought this would get rid of the "belt burn" that Seren often got on her neck when we tightened the belts down with the infant seats.  It didn't.  Kendall even got one or two with this new seat style.  They weren't a fan of them of course so I went online and found these adorable seat belt covers and an awesome tutorial by Jess at CraftinessIsNotOptional.  Once again I'm not going to post a tutorial because this one is need to even modify.

-3 3/4" long; fit and used on my Evenflo Tribute carseats

-P.S.  Most instruction manuals will say that you can't add anything to the seat or it compromises the safety.  I feel okay putting these on the seat as they are small and don't seem to change how the belt or harness works or fits (I'll try to snap a picture once in place...or check out the tutorial pictures).  Anyone with more experience or knowledge have more to say or feel on this topic?  (I'm curious and not out to argue;  I think we can safely say we are all in it for our kids' safety)

-my under $5 estimate is based on the fact I bought materials to make 2 sets of seat belt covers for around $ one set would be relatively cheap (plus I bought too much fabric and have quite a bit left over).

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