Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Birthday Party...

Our twin girls turned 1 year old just after Christmas.  I prepared early...I wanted to have a cute birthday party and I wanted to enjoy our first holidays with them also.  I decided on a cupcake theme.  I planned on making cupcakes for their party and slightly larger cupcakes for them to eat...nothing fancy but something a little fun.  I picked out some paint swatches at my local store to keep my color theme in check and also to make birthday banners out of.  I found cupcake wrapping paper, matching cupcake liners, balloons, a tiered dessert tray craft for cupcakes, iron-on cupcakes for a birthday shirt and even little cupcake plates.  Yep I went with it and it came together pretty nicely (I think).  Here are some pictures of the event.  I will be sharing links and tutorials on how everything came together throughout this month (I hope...that's the plan).
 Seren playing with her cousins by the presents as the party began
 Tiered plates with cupcakes in hot pink, green apple and teal
 Singing happy birthday while keeping candles at bay
 Seren loving her first real taste of sugar
 Kendall with her sugar buzzed look
 Seren in all her cupcake and icing glory
 Kendall with her demolished cupcake and icing
 Back of their personalized birthday shirts
 Family photo op before opening presents
 Kendall playing with her cousins and a toy from Christmas
 Seren playing with the cousins
 Kendall's birthday banner -- these were my favorite touch/decoration
 Seren's birthday banner 
the aftermath --balloons hanging over the kitchen table

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