Friday, January 27, 2012

First Birthday -- Cupcake Wreath

Due to the girls birthday being 3 days after Christmas I wanted to get rid of anything Christmas related (at least upstairs where the party was held) and add a bit of birthday decoration and fun color.  One thing I came across that I found fun when dealing with cupcake liners was a ball with cupcake liners stuck into the middle with pins and glue.  I didn't have time or patience to do a bunch of balls but I thought this would be cute as a door wreath.
I stole another idea to use pipe foam covers to form a wreath.  It bent as was the prediction on one site and so I inserted a wire hanger through the middle to maintain the shape.  Then I went to town with my cupcake liners and straight pins.  I didn't use glue as I only expected this to last a day or two and didn't want to take the extra time.  I enjoyed how it turned out and I still have it hanging up (in the house of course would have never lasted in the snow)

Also loving a couple other ideas for cupcake liners...check these out.  Oh the things you never knew you could do with a cupcake liner:


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