Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Birthday -- 12 Month Banner

This was my absolute favorite thing to put together for our girls first birthday.  I saw variations of these all over pinterest and it instantly became my must have decoration (and keepsake) for their birthday.  I went off of this one from Modern Parent Messy Kids but with a definite variation as I wanted circles and a little background color/paper.

Materials Needed:
- 13 Large Paint Chip samples (per banner) - (FREE)
- 1 or 2 sheets of scrapbook paper ($1)
- 1 pack of number stickers ($2.50)
- 1 pack of letter stickers ($1) 
- pictures galore (1 picture for each month - $1.50 or FREE if you already have some on hand)
- 3 round objects in various sizes (I used a tin candle can, a spool of ribbon and a measuring cup)
-glue stick

Step 1: Cut out rounds of your pictures, paint chips and scrapbook paper.  I used my largest circle to cut out the paint chip, then next largest for the paper and then smallest circle for the picture.  You could do this in different order.

Step 2:  After figuring out your layout preference; Glue your bottom layer to your middle layer.  After gluing I placed them under a heavy book to prevent curling. 

Step 3:  Once your bottom/middle layer are dried then glue your pictures onto the paper.  Once again I dried these under a heavy book to prevent curling. 

Step 4:  After all layers of paper and pictures are dried then add a number to each picture to display the month that it represents in your child's life.  I put month 12 in a larger middle picture and then NB (newborn) through 11 months on the sides.  This made an even 6 pictures per side. 

Step 5:  Tape, staple, clip or otherwise fasten your pictures to yarn, string, wire, crochete thread (my choice), hemp string or whatever else strike your fancy or decor motif.

I couldn't help but share pictures (close up) of both banners I made.  I can't be playing favorites now can I??  Love these girls!!

*I had most of my materials on hand so I am putting this down as an Under $5 project (it might cost a couple dollars more if you have to buy supplies or pictures).

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