Sunday, January 8, 2012

Birthday Party -- Tiered Plate

I raided for birthday party ideas.  I wanted to do cupcakes and I wanted something fun and in the color scheme still to put the cupcakes on.  I found many different tiered plate ideas (candlesticks, small juice cups, etc) but nothing stood out to me.  Then I found this project and fell in love with the look and the idea.  I won't be posting a tutorial on this as I think Backless Shirt blog has an awesome instructional.
my finished products
tiered plates at hard work...holding up delicious cupcakes

Notes/Changes:  The only thing that I did change or add to this project was to use small washers (especially  on the bottom of the plates).  I think this helped to stabilize the plate and also cover up the chips drilling caused.  

Also instead using only the adhesive felt pads I craft glued bolts to the bottom of the bottom plate and then added the felt pads to these...I felt this helped to balance the bottom plate better.  I did this with the pink plate which was shallow.  The green plate had a ridge that worked to even the bottom out with the felt pads alone.  Obviously this isn't a very dishwasher friendly dish but it's relatively easy to care for.

*I picked up my plates second hand at our local thrift store around $1-1.50 each making this project under $10.  If you purchased plates new it would cost more. 


Jullee said...

What a cute idea!!

Michelle D said...

Thanks Jullee :) I steal from the best ;) hehe