Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Traditions

What holiday traditions do you have?  I think part of the reason the holidays come to mean so much to people is due to the traditions that run in their family.  Some traditions run deeper than others and some are just little fledglings waiting to see if they'll take off.

I have recently heard of making Holiday Pillowcases from MADE and another friend who makes pillow cases reversible (not sure if they are holiday).  I am liking the idea of both of these and thinking very a little ahead of myself to make these for family members and my girls (probably next year...the plate is pretty full right now).  Or maybe birthday pillowcases...that could be fun!  Hmmmmm...

Anyway....back to the point of Holiday Traditions.  I would love to hear what people do for the holidays to make them memorable, to make them fun and to make them theirs.

Traditions we are planning to pick up or continue:  pajamas for Christmas Eve, reading The Night Before Christmas, doing an angel tree project and/or donating toys to goodwill, making lots of delicious goodies (I might share some of the not-so-secret recipes with you).  It isn't a very original list so far but give it time and it will grow.


Jullee said...

When my husband and I started dating I had just moved out of state and didn't have any Christmas decorations. So on a whim we went to the dollar store and bought cheap stockings and some glittery paint and decorated them. It has become a tradition and we do this every year. I love it and it is kind of a fun and special way to remember funny things that happened during the year.

Michelle D said...

Thanks for sharing Jullee. Fun to know the story behind your funky socks :) We still have all of our dollar store ornaments from our first Christmas. Apparently they start some good traditions there ;)