Friday, December 9, 2011

Free Craft Friday -- Holiday Snow Tree

This is a craft idea that came to me while scanning (what craft nerd isn't inspired there?)  Anyway I saw a recipe for shaving cream snow paint and thought of my unfinished Scrapbook Paper Tree and a new idea was born:

Holiday Snow Tree
-tree branches (Free...I stole them off our maple tree this time)
-foam shaving cream (Free...I stole this from my husband; $1 if you buy it)
-Elmer's glue ($0.25 on after-school clearance at Walmart)
-paint brush
-mini ornaments ($3.50 on sale at Michaels)
-vase (Free or hit up your local thrift store for a cheapy)

Step 1.  Arrange your tree branches.  I arranged them and then tied them together below the vase line with some yarn (you don't have to do this).

Step 2.  Mix together equal parts foam shaving cream and Elmers glue.
Step 3.  "Paint" your tree with "snow".  Keep in mind the way that snow would naturally be found on a tree (forks in branches and trunk, top edges, knots in the branch, etc).  I liked getting somewhat large globs of "snow" on my brush and dragging in along the branch where I wanted it to rest.  Also painting "snow" between the joining forks in the branch.
Step 4. Allow to dry overnight so the snow hardens up somewhat.  Then decorate with miniature or small ornaments.

*Notion2Craft original means I didn't find this project elsewhere...although I wouldn't dare say it's never been done before*

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