Friday, December 2, 2011

Free Craft Friday -- Paint Splatter Ornaments

-clear ornaments ($3 estimate; Michaels with 40% coupon)
-acrylic paint ($1 a bottle)
-paint thinner

Step 1.  Put a couple drops of you first color into the ornament.  Add just a small amount (drops) of paint thinner into the ornament.  You might need to use a tooth pick or other stick to mix the two a little.  Hold a gloved (or sandwich bagged) finger over the open end of the ornament and shake like crazy.

Step 2.  Put a couple drops of your second color and paint thinner into the ornament.  Shake like crazy yet again.

Step 3.  Once you have achieved your desired look leave the ornament cap off and allow the ornaments to air out overnight (outside wouldn't be a bad idea).  Place the caps on after airing out and bingo bango you have an awesome ornament. 

*varying your paint and paint thinner combination will affect results...have fun and experiment.  The red/white one had a little more paint thinner and the green/red one had less.*

*another set we made that year (I don't like these as much).  Paint the outside with Christmas scenery or whatever pleases you and then add miniature items inside the ornament*

- I consider this a kid-friendly craft when properly supervised by adults due to paint thinner being involved.

-We made these a few years ago so pricing is estimated.  Notion 2 Craft original means I didn't find this idea on another blog...I'm sure it's not that original though ;) 

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