Friday, November 11, 2011

Free Craft Friday -- Felt Flower Hair Accessory

These are so cute and so easy.  Why is it again that I rarely put bows and flowers in my little girls' hair?? (maybe when they get more hair I will :) hehe)  This tutorial can be found here (I love her stuff!)
Step 1.  Cut a small circle out of felt.  Then cut a slightly larger circle using the first circle as a guide.  Then use the second circle as a guide and cut a circle slightly larger than it.  Continue this process until you have the size of flower you like (I did four layers).
Step 2.  Cut slits into all of your circles.  You don't need to cut all the way to the middle as the next layer will cover it and the next and then your button or topper(s).
Step 3.  Cut very small shavings off of the slits you made in the felt.  (the circle on the left is pre-slit cutting and the one on the right is after).  
Step 4.  Stack your cut circle on top of each other.  You can then fasten them with a button or sew them together and then add jewels or other notions to the top.  Glue on an alligator clip to the back.
Notes:  Next time I think I would try these felt bows with nicer felt as I just used the cheaper crafting felt not wool felt. 

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