Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Missing, Quilting and More

I am a horrible example of how not to blog craft I suppose (or is it craft blog).  By any power though I fell through on my second Free Craft Friday.  I didn't utterly fall through.  I had a craft I was working on.  One I found through and absolutely love.  So guess what?  You get to see it (the work in progress it still is) in a couple days.  Goodness I've got Halloween costumes to finish and a party to host this weekend (which means prepping in the days leading up to).  This project may still not be done but you'll get the idea.

Also I am working on flannel rag quilts for my girls.  I am thinking Christmas presents.  Or birthday presents.  Or Christmas presents.  Their birthday is three days after Christmas so it's really not as big of a debate as I'm leading you to believe.

Then once those are at least pinned together I think it will be on to a holiday dress sew-a-thon.  I'm looking forward to these and also dreading them.  I've never made a dress...for myself or anyone else.  So this is going to be interesting.  Wish us, the girls and my sewing machine.

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