Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Party

We had our Halloween party early this year.  We have what we call "Gatsby Night" among our close friends.  We get together once a month to have dinner (trading off houses) and hang out.  We were in charge of October so I bought some festive decoration at our dollar store (spider web, LED tea candles, a skeleton, some "caution" tape and toxic shot glasses).  Then it was off to the second-hand thrift store for a couple of interesting glass pitchers.  For the menu I considered small pumpkins with soup inside but the price of pumpkins was too high for my taste so I saw this stuffed pepper jack-o-lantern idea online and went with it.  It was a lot of fun preparing for that night and now we're all ready for Halloween too.  Yeah!  I wish I would have taken pictures but alas these "stock" photos will have to do.
Great Idea! We will be doing this for October in the future
We had "blood" to drink in wine glasses (orange juice with red food coloring and touch of blue Koolaid for color);  also had green Koolaid in the "toxic" shot glasses.

**Recipe for Stuffed Peppers found here (super delicious).  

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