Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Craft Friday -- Silk Flower Accessory

* can be used as embellishments on outfits, bags and hair clips...think of the possibilities*

Refabulous' tutorial found here.  These are so much easier than I pictured them being when I saw them in peoples hair and at the stores.  Definitely going to make more of these in the future.  Awesome and easy project.

Materials needed :
-satin or silky type materials (I used what they called "costume satin"...cheaper satin)
-emergency water
-clothes pin
-beads, buttons or jewels (for the middle)
-hair clips
-adhesive glue or glue gun

1. Cut circles from your fabric.  Cut different sizes and colors if you want to mix it up.  They don't need to be perfect circles.  I think it looks just a good (maybe better) when they aren't.

2. Place fabric in clothes pin and skim the edges next to the flame (not too close so it doesn't catch fire).  I held mine so that they drooped in the way I wanted it to curl.

3. Stack your singed circles.  Start with bigger circles and go to smaller.  I like the idea of mixing colors found on the tutorials also.  

4. Sew a few stitches in the middle to hold it together.  I sewed my first bead on with this stitch to save some time.

4.  Apply to your hair clip or bobby pin or other attachment.  Enjoy.

*Be extra cautious as this project does involve an open flame.  Avoid children, pets and anything else dear to you in the process.  Always have water on hand and don't hold material into the flame*


Tiffany said...

I love these! I think we have them in every color. :)

Michelle D said...

Very if the girls just had hair to put them in :) haha