Friday, October 7, 2011

Free Craft Friday -- Paper Tree

I took this idea from Everyday Mom Ideas that I found on and then tweaked it a little for my own preference.  Their example is for a spring tree (bright colors) and since fall is upon us I decided that a fall tree would be more appropriate (warm colors).  Also I wasn't in love with the green florist wire showing up on a brown tree limb so I decided to paint the tree branches black first and then buy black crafting wire instead.  It turned out (or is turning out) to look pretty darn great if you ask me.

Materials / Cost
- tree branches / FREE
- paint / FREE
- scrapbook paper / $2.00
- wire / $3.00
- vase / $1.50 at my local thrift store (or free if you have one in storage)

it's a work in progress

- I found a branch someone had pruned off their maple tree during an evening walk and felt it was fate speaking to me about this project that I had bookmarked in my brain for the last couple of weeks.

- I peeled all of the leaves off and painted it black with some indoor/outdoor acrylic paint I had lying around.

- I cut my leaf patterns out of scrapbook paper using a leaf that was on the tree.  I folded my paper into pieces wide enough to fit the leaf and then after cutting one leaf out used this are my pattern.  I matched up the same paper for both sides of the leaf.

- Then I glued the paper onto the wire as instructed in the tutorial.  I also decided that the leaves look more natural with a little curve to them.

The end.  Super easy.  Super cheap.  Hoping to enjoy it for seasons to come.

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