Friday, September 23, 2011

Free Craft Friday -- Fabric Ball

I am playing with the idea of doing what I like to call Free Crafting Fridays.  This will be me finding or coming up with various crafts (sewing, home decor, etc) that you can do for free or at least on the cheap.  I have been finding so many fun craft ideas online recently and this has lead to a little obsession with  I'm sure many crafters have been on this for years (has it been around that long?) but I'm just wetting my feet.

Anyway I want to try out some of the free sewing patterns and other DIY (do-it-yourself) projects that I've been finding.  Of course I will be giving credit to the people with the original tutorial and will not be listing any tutorial credit myself just tips on what I learned or liked from the project.

Sooooo... to start off I am introducing my fabric beach balls care of Purl Bee's tutorial.  Awesome awesome awesome...thank you for making it so simple and easy to do.  As I was playing with my almost 9 month old twins I realized they were missing something from their arsenal of toys...a ball.  So I hopped online and found this tutorial from Purl Bee, ripped out my flannel scraps and I kid you not had my first ball complete in the space of one nap (an hour and a half).  And now with practice I am even a little faster at making these.  My girls (and hopefully my friends' girls as I'm thinking Christmas presents) are going to love these to play with.

 What 9 month old doesn't have a ball to play with...not my girls anymore that's for sure

Hmmmmm...with that question comes this...I wonder if these could be used as a humanitarian project??

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