Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Craft Baahumbug

Okay not so much a craft baahumbug as a camera baahumbug.  I am still crafting but have no pictures to prove it...oh wait I do but my laptop is calling in sick for a while (who knows how long) and I haven't put the effort into using my husband's computer to download them.

Projects in the making (or made):
-portable changing pad
-hair accessories
-curtain (part of my nursery saga)
-sun hats and fall hats for infants
-Halloween costumes for my girls
-rag quilts

Projects I'm thinking on:
-holiday dresses for my girls
-summery shirts for my girls (for next summer)
-stuffed animals of sorts (attempt at making my own pattern...yikes)
-kitchenette set
-Minnie Mouse applique and skirts (if we really are going to Disneyland in Feb/Mar)

See!  Now won't it be fun when I share with you.  Bet you can't know since there are so many people reading or checking this blog out.

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