Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Berry Lime Sublime smoothie

I think that is what it was called back in the day when I went to Jamba Juice a lot.  It has since been retired from their menu (I believe) and I was forced to graduate to my second favorite the Caribbean Passion.  These are estimates on what I add.  And of course my version as well.

Berry Lime Sublime

1/2 cup mixed berry (raspberry, blackberry and blueberry) - Sam's Club
2 oz frozen peaches (I cheat and use baby food puree that's frozen...since they don't like peaches still)
1 scoop lime sherbet
1 cup apple juice (enough to cover the other ingredients)

I use a small power blender (like the magic bullet) and put my frozen berries and peaches in first, then my sherbet and then top it all with apple juice.  Usually I just fill in with apple juice until it covers the frozen ingredients.  Sometimes I have to add more juice to get the right consistency.  Then just power blend until all the frozen stuff is broken down and enjoy.

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