Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crib Bumper Pads

For this project I used the Nu-Foam Baby bumper pads.  These were super simple to use and retain their shape without quilting the bumper pad.  You can fancy them up or simple them down (as I call it)...adding piping, notions and other details.  A friend of mine also used the same pre-made padding and had her mother make the bedding.  Both of our sets turned out very well but are very unique also.

**My apologies that this was also a completed project at the time I started this blog so there are no step-by-step picture instructions**
Crib Bumper Pads in place - these have been used and kicked for months at this point
I have twin girls so I made these in two different colors with black and white
Similar but different...just like they are
Finished Product - Front of bumper pad

Materials Needed
3 1/4 yd total fabric
ribbon or 3/4  additional fabric for ties
notions (optional)
Nu-Foam Baby bumper pads (6 panels in a package) 26" x 10"

(pattern included in the Nu-Foam package found here)

1.  For the bumper pad style I chose to do I determined to make one side solid and one a simple panel style. 

Two panels (solid and pieced) joined together
 2.  Cut fabric into 12 separate 27" by 11 3/4" panels.  For my design, I drew up a separate idea for my paneled side and determined how many inches wide each piece would be and totaled them to 27" (allowing for seam allowance to join the pieces).  For the solid side I simply cut out 27" by 11 3/4" panels.
Back of bumper pad
3.  Construct your ties with the additional fabric or by using ribbon.  These need to be 2" x 20".  Lay one panel down and pin the ties/ribbon to this piece.  First fold them in half and press flat then pin to the 4 corners of the piece.  I found it easier to pin the ribbon to the corner with both panels in place.  Also pin the excess ribbon away from the edges to avoid sewing over it.  

4.  Pin the fabric bumper panels with right sides together.  Do not insert the bumper pad until the last step.  Sew a 3/8" seam around all of the sides, leaving one side open to insert the foam.  The directions state to leave a long side partially open.  I decided to leave one of my ends open on each panel to slide the foam into. 

5.  Turn the panels right side out and insert the foam panels.

6.  Once you have completed the panels and have slid the foam into each panel then stitch each panel closed. I did a press around my open end and then sewed them shut.  
Left side shows sewn end method -not the neatest but I am amateur after all 

7.  To keep your ribbon clean and stop fraying singe the ends of it with a match or lighter. 

Ribbon with singed ends to prevent fraying - I have used these bumper pads for a number of months now...thus the ribbon is quite wrinkled from tying. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Berry Lime Sublime smoothie

I think that is what it was called back in the day when I went to Jamba Juice a lot.  It has since been retired from their menu (I believe) and I was forced to graduate to my second favorite the Caribbean Passion.  These are estimates on what I add.  And of course my version as well.

Berry Lime Sublime

1/2 cup mixed berry (raspberry, blackberry and blueberry) - Sam's Club
2 oz frozen peaches (I cheat and use baby food puree that's frozen...since they don't like peaches still)
1 scoop lime sherbet
1 cup apple juice (enough to cover the other ingredients)

I use a small power blender (like the magic bullet) and put my frozen berries and peaches in first, then my sherbet and then top it all with apple juice.  Usually I just fill in with apple juice until it covers the frozen ingredients.  Sometimes I have to add more juice to get the right consistency.  Then just power blend until all the frozen stuff is broken down and enjoy.