Thursday, April 14, 2011

Picture board

We have probably all seen these at craft stores over the years.  This is one that I made a few years back for pretty cheap.  I had the framed cork board at work and decided to spruce up my office with some personal touches.  I bought enough fabric and batting to cover the piece and then added on flowers I had on hand and a butterfly that came with flowers my husband sent me.  

I hot glued the batting on first and made hospital corners on the edges to keep it neat and tidy.  Next I stretched out the fabric across it, first somewhat loosely vertically and then snugged it up horizontally to avoid creases and folds in the fabric.  Once the fabric was all securely glued down I added my flowers and butterfly.

 I trimmed the flower stems off so there was just enough to hold the material and flower together and then applied a large glob of hot glue to the fabric.  This kept the flower close to the fabric without a gap.  The butterfly was on a straight pin of sorts and I slid that into the flower and into the cork below the fabric.  A touch of hot glue kept this in place.
Voila! There you have it...a decorative cork board for pictures with minor cost and less then a couple hours spent on it.  This was considered under $10 as I had the cork board on hand.

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