Thursday, April 14, 2011

Memorabilia Matt

I have the sweetest husband who began collecting ticket stubs, mini golf score cards, programs and such during our time dating.  I added in a program from our first date, a card from flowers he sent and our plane ticket stubs from going to meet my parents.  I then got a double matted picture frame (with slight height/depth difference).  I used a craft glue stick to glue the items all over the top matt.  I layered the larger pieces down first and then the small.  I trimmed off the excess around the inside and outside edges with an X-Acto knife before layering other pieces.  I then put one of our engagement pictures in for the photo.  This was my one year anniversary dating gift to my husband.  It hangs in our house today and reminds us of all the fun times we had in our first year together. 

You could do a similar theme or layer other pieces of memorabilia or even other photos onto a matt to create a similar effect.  This is one of my favorite crafts that I've ever done and I still get a lot of compliments on it.

*as far as I know this is a Notion 2 Craft Original.  I did not find this project online but I'm sure it has been done in some way similar. 

Double Float Mat found at Michaels. Purchased in-store...wait for a sale or a coupon or sign up online for coupon emails (usually 40% off an item)


Anonymous said...

I love this and am trying to make it for my boyfriend. Where did you get the frame? I checked Michaels and theirs did not have a wide enough border like that.

Michelle D said...

Thanks for the comment. I hope you get this follow up. Here is a link to the frame I believe I used. It's called a double float mat if you want to look elsewhere.,default,pd.html?start=21&cgid=products-framing-portraitcollection-dfgallery