Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am no Martha...

I am no Martha Stewart.  I can't make delicious meals on the fly without a recipe, I don't know how to turn old rags into a fashionable pillow or how to produce other home decor with my bare hands.  Oh and by the way I have a brown's something I try not to mention in social circles.

But I have always enjoyed these things.  Things that make a home.  Things that don't make you money (unless you are Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray or some other domestic diva that is).  And after following and reading blogs and other websites with ideas on decorating, cooking, sewing and crafting in general I thought it was about time that I display some of my talent and ideas for others to envy see.  I plan to post about different crafting projects, decor ideas and even recipe attempts I have.  I can't promise that it will all be original and plan to give credit where it is due but hope this will be a fun adventure too.  I apologize that my first several posts will likely be projects that I have completed already and won't be very instructional.  Hopefully there will be new ideas and inspiration around the corner though.

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