Friday, June 26, 2015

Repurposed: Gerber Cereal Container

Cleaning and organizing sometimes go hand in hand with finding something to use that "it has to be useful" container.  In my effort to clean and organize our hall closet (craft and toy central for our 4 year old girls) I decided to use baby brother's empty cereal container.  I like it.  Now to find other uses for these things.  They do recycle I suppose but they also filled a need I found so yay for that!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Jayne Cobb Hat

Well this is almost a year late in the posting.  I found this pattern on Ravelry last year and aimed to make one for my hubby who is a huge fan of Firefly and Serenity.  I asked for my sister's help and also got quite a bit of instruction from a few YouTube channels.  There really is nothing to stop someone from learning a new skill with all the information out there.

Anyway I was miserable with it for the first while as I thought I remembered what a single crochet was like but somehow fumbled it and was using more of a slip stitch to do this hat.  I was more than half-way through with the pattern and the hat wouldn't have even fit a newborn.  Something had to be wrong.  Yep of course.  This is when YouTube came to my rescue and I relearned some basic skills.  On second attempt (or was it third? or fourth?) I was able to make this hat with no issues and much more quickly.  I think the last "real" attempt only took me a few hours and considering it was my first hat ever attempted I didn't think that was too shabby.

End result (my project link here so you can find the pattern by Dryope).  My stitch/tension is probably a little more snug than most so I think the hat ended up being a little snug.  I may make another someday but we'll see.  It did fit my 2 year old daughters at the time.  Seren was willing to model it for me.  Can you guess where her name came from?? Seren...Serenity.  Yep my husband came up with the idea and I actually loved it.  We later discovered it's a popular name in the UK so it worked out pretty well I think.
Seren Cobb...she was so excited to model it for me
Hubs showing off his new hat and shirt from Christmas 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Updated Garland On The Cheap (...Okay Free)

I know it's not really original but I thought I would share how I fancied up my $2 garland from Walmart for free.  First off the garland was 9 feet long.  I though it was long enough but when I got it home discovered the ledge in our front room is more like 10 or 11 feet long.  Luckily I already had filler I planned to use around the garland (the bells).  Out came my wire cutters and I snipped the garland into 3 separate pieces so I could spread it out.  I wanted to add some embellishment to it.  Conveniently, I had leftover pine cones from our bird feeder activity so I added these on.
Wash and bake your pine cones on aluminum foiled cookie sheet prior to using for decoration.  I washed mine in hot water and then baked them at 250 degrees for about 30 minutes.  They didn't have sap on them to worry about thank goodness. 
Next using fishing line or possibly jewelry string (I used fishing line), tie it around your pine cone first wiggling it into the center to get a tight hold.  Secure this with a square knot leaving a few inches on both sides of the knot.
Then attach the secured pine cone to your garland with the excess line.  I wrapped mine around the metal center but you would place them on stems of the pine also.  Make sure to tie a couple square knots so it doesn't come lose.  Trim off excess line. 
Somewhat close up of the pine cone attached.  The larger pine cones were also found (last year)...these required more washing and baking than the smaller ones.  Also, I promise my wall isn't so distastefully green as it looks, although I've been dying to paint it since we moved in a year ago. 

Last of all, love yourself for saving money this season...Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Simple.  Easy.  Kid-Friendly.  This was our afternoon project today.  We collected pine cones at the park last week.  No need to clean or bake them.  Just tie on a string or twine then apply peanut butter.  I would advise a couple large spoonfuls in a bowl unless you have a jar that's almost gone.  Roll in or sprinkle with bird seed and you're set.  I imagine wild bird seed might be better for this project (for the birds) but we used what had available.  The girls loved it.  Although so far we haven't seen any birds (darn it!)...maybe it was too late in the season. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What's New On Etsy: Child Aprons

Well I did it again.  I participated in a holiday boutique with my good friend.  It was much more successful.  I was able to clear out some of my stash of towels and I added a new item this time.  Children's aprons.  I figured they were a simple project and a good way to use up some of my larger scraps of material.  They have elastic in the neck straps and snap closures at the hip for the back strap...making it super easy for children to put on and use without too much help.  I'm thinking that my girls will definitely be getting their very own this Christmas.  In the meantime here are some great pictures and the aprons are available here at my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trying Something New(ish)

It's not completely new to me but I haven't crocheted anything beyond my simple scarves a couple years ago for my kiddos.  I learned to crochet very basically around age 13 and didn't keep it up.  Pretty much the only stitches I know are single and double crochets and chaining.  But my sister has taken a renewed love of it and is trying to reintroduce me to the art as well.  She is a fan of and now so am I.  Granted I can't do a lot of the projects I want to yet but I'm going to learn some things for sure.

Here is my first project via Jennifer Dickerson.  I started out easy with what she calls a modified granny stripe.  It was soooo easy and fun to remember.  Plus I learned a little more about reading patterns...which has been a mystery to me.  I finished this one in a few hours and now I'm ready to try something different and learn some new stitches.

*Update (10/06/13):  How flattering...I received a message on Ravelry that they want to feature my photo/scarf as a project done with the pattern.  I must have done pretty good for my first project haha

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Crafts for Toddlers

*I've been collecting fall crafts ideas.  I thought I would share some that I plan to do in our house.

1.  Fall Sticky Trees by  Two-Daloo.  Love this blog.  She's a speech-language pathologist and focuses on sensory play and fun. 2. Sun Prints at  3. Leaf Lantern by 5orangepotatoes.  4. Leaf Printing at  5. Salt Dough Prints at  

My Review:

- Sun prints (#2).  This was super easy and turned out pretty cool also.  We want on a nature walk and picked out leaves and other fall objects (acorns, etc).  My girls enjoyed this.  Then we used a glue stick to attach them to construction paper (Dollar Store) and stuck them up in a sunny window for a couple days.  We then put them in frames from a thrift store.  They turned out great.  I recommend this one.

- Leaf Lantern (#3).  I did this with fake leaves from the Dollar Store and Modge Podge.  This didn't work so well and I wasn't a fan.  This project wasn't completed.  Maybe real leaves would work better.